Sunday, June 26, 2011

The End/Start of Camp

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So the end of June camp has come and it was so great and sad. I had to send all the girls home with their artwork and say goodbye. There was also a lot of rain the last week but that didn't stop camp or the girls. The play that the girls put on was super cute and the girls did a great job at putting on a wonderful play in such a short amount of time. Production night was also very fun, there were performances from juggling, jump rope, dance, and music. It was very cool to see girls in my classes and table preform. Due to the rain closing vespers/council fire was inside but it was still super touching and beautiful. There were so many girls that passed levels and it was great to know that they earned it. Then there was banquet. It was so cool, the theme was The Little Mermaid and the dining hall was amazing, it was transformed into an underwater paradise. The show before dinner was really cool too. I got to be a thing-a-ma-bob so i was a red crayon. The girls loved it and it really was a great way to end a fabulous session. I am sad for it to be over but I am also looking forward to the start of Main Camp.

Friday, June 17, 2011

What day is it Again?

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So the concert was great, not a huge country fan but the girls loved it and had a great time. The day after was great too classes were wonderful and I got to hang out for the little girls during EP time and have a dance party, do madlibs and paint nails with them. Then today was great, I taught my first class by myself today! It was too my little french girls and I read them my favorite French fable. Today was also birthday ball and then we had a great performance of the camper talent show. There are some girls with great talent at camp this session and all of the acts we amazing.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half Way Done Already?

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Sunday was a rainy day at camp so white was not my first choice but it was ok because council fire was still outside and it was very special to see everyone that had passes levels and share that quite moment with everyone at camp. That morning I also taught Sunday School with David. We had a great group of girls and it went really well. I can't wait to speak with them again next Sunday. Monday was also another great day, I had my little french class and I am so happy that the girls enjoy it. Painting and dog camp went really well also. We also got new girls at our table, I will miss the first group but this new group is great as well. All the girls seem really cool and were chatting up a storm with each other by dinner. Then our EP was Decade Dance! I dressed up in my poodle skirt and got to have a blast dancing with all the girls. It was so much fun and so neat to see all the outfits that campers dressed up in. Tuesday was my day off and it was very relaxing and nice to catch up on some sleep. But it is great to be back at camp! Nothing beats coming back to a great group of girls and a super fun day of painting and dogs! Tonight will be super fun as well because we are having a concert at camp, with Izze and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream! We will get to hear
from Mockingbird Sun tonight.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Carnival/Challenge Day

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One of the most special moments at camp so far was going to opening vesper. It was so beautiful to see all the little girls in their whites and then with all the candle light. Libby also shared a beautiful story with everyone. Classes have been so much fun and today was one of the best days thus far, it was challenge day and carnival all in one day! The morning classes did challenge day and it was so much fun, the evens seemed to dominate all the classes that I taught but odds put up a good front too. Then after free period there was carnival and it was awesome! The food was amazing, the campers loved it and i had so much fun. I got to work the popcorn station, but I was able to slip away and get cotton candy and a funnel cake. It was such a great time and a great way to end today.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teaching Classes

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I made it through teaching my first two days of classes! I also have my girls at my table, they are all super funny and cute, I have a great group of girls to eat and talk with. Classes have been awesome, but they go by so fast. I love the girls in my classes they are all so different and have been a blessing to get to know better. There are four girls in my French class and it was really cool to get to teach them since it is such an intimate group. I am now starting to recognize girls from other classes and that I have met around camp, I can’t wait to get all their names down and to know a little about each one. Painting has been really neat because in our first project though they are all doing the same project it is really cool to see how they each make it their own and add a little spunk to their project. Dog camp has been super fun as well, the puppies are so cute and the girls love playing with them and working with them. The EPs have been really fun to watch at night as well, the past two nights have been lip sync nights and it is super cute to see all the girls dance to the songs. Some were really creative and funny. Now for tomorrow.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Welcome to Camp Greystone,

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Last night I made my last Walmart run and got to hang out with staff one last night before campers arrived. This morning we finally got campers! I had the blessing of getting to greet the families when they arrived and help tag bags. It was so cool to be the first person that the girls saw at Greystone. I met some lovely young ladies today and I hope that I get to teach some of them later in camp and get to know them better. We also got some awesome famous Greystone scones this morning, such a great treat. It has been such a great day so far and I know tonight will be fun sitting with my table and our first EP!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Camp Day

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Last night we got the rest of the cute little puppies for dog camp and we got our assignments!! I will be out of cabin of the first session! More exciting though, today is our camp day, ie I get to be a camper and take all the amazing classes that Greystone has to offer. This morning I got to teach dog camp, make glass beads and then a ring in metal jewelry! This afternoon I get to take riflery, hip hop and zumba! It is again another wonderful beautiful day at Greystone! I also got my first letter today, from my mom! Hopefully I can send mine out soon and I look forward to more letters from everyone!

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